Cognituv is proud to spotlight a significant milestone in our journey to transform air quality standards within healthcare environments. Our latest achievement involves the successful installation of the ‘Overwatch 2×2’ air purifiers at New Braunfels ER & Hospital, a pioneering step forward in indoor air quality for healthcare facilities like New Braunfels ER.

New Braunfels ER & Hospital Sets New Fresh Air Standards with Cognituv

Innovative Collaboration for Advanced Care: Our partnership with New Braunfels ER & Hospital embodies a shared vision of leveraging advanced technology to provide exceptional patient care. The installation of ‘Overwatch 2×2’ air purifiers marks a notable advancement in creating safer, cleaner, and more conducive healing environments, offering peace of mind to both patients and healthcare providers.

Technology at the Forefront of Healthcare: The ‘Overwatch 2×2’ represents the epitome of Cognituv’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Engineered to meet the stringent demands of healthcare settings, these air purifiers stand out for their efficiency in capturing dust, debris, and neutralizing a wide array of airborne pathogens, ensuring air quality at the highest standard.

A Testament to Trust and Quality: Dr. Scott Knepper’s commendation of the system underscores the transformative impact of the ‘Overwatch 2×2’ on the hospital’s operational efficacy and patient care standards. By integrating our technology, New Braunfels ER & Hospital has set a new benchmark for healthcare facilities aiming to fortify their defense against airborne illnesses.

Looking Ahead: This collaboration is just the beginning of our quest to redefine environmental health within various industries. Cognituv is steadfast in its mission to innovate and provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our clients.

A Commitment to Health and Innovation: At Cognituv, we are excited about the positive feedback from New Braunfels ER & Hospital and look forward to fostering similar partnerships with healthcare providers nationwide. Our focus remains on developing technologies that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring that our clients are at the forefront of environmental health and safety.