Cognituv’s automated hygiene solutions offer HVAC systems an efficient, eco-friendly approach to enhance efficiency, improve indoor air quality, reduce odors, and more. By integrating smart and connected automated hygiene solutions, buildings with HVAC systems can lower energy use, decrease chemical dependency, and enhance guest comfort; while promoting resource conservation.

Reduce Energy

Reduce Smells and Odors

Increase Indoor Air Quality

Reduced Maintenance

Promote Sustainability

BMS Integration

FreshFilter - VCU

FreshFilter-VCU: Advanced Purification for Vertical Fan Coil Units

Elevate your VCU with the FreshFilter-VCU, engineered to replace outdated dust filters. It features a unique dual-sided honeycomb monolith PCOR filter, enhanced with two 65W UV-C lamps, ensuring continuous air disinfection, odor, and VOC elimination.

  • Cutting-Edge Filtration: Utilizes UV-C and PCOR technologies for comprehensive air treatment.
  • Improved Air Quality: Integrates with MERV/HEPA filters to boost purification, keep coils clean, and elevate indoor air standards.
  • Seamless Integration: Tailored for effortless installation and reliable performance across diverse settings.

Revolutionize your VCU system with the FreshFilter-VCU for superior air quality and operational efficiency.


CGUV-DUCT: Advanced UVGI Solution for HVAC Air Quality Improvement

CGUV-DUCT enhances HVAC system hygiene using UV-C low-pressure mercury lamps to disinfect air, targeting viruses, bacteria, molds, and spores within ducts and AHUs. This technology prevents biofilm formation, addressing contaminants that contribute to Legionella, Tuberculosis, Flu, Sick Building Syndrome, asthma, and allergies. Essential for maintaining hygiene in sensitive areas like food processing and healthcare, CGUV-DUCT combats Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), ensuring a safer environment. Its cost-effectiveness is notable, reducing maintenance and the frequency of filter replacements and cleanings, thereby optimizing system efficiency and ensuring healthier indoor air.


SABER System: Enhancing HVAC Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

The SABER system is designed for simplicity and adaptability across various applications, primarily targeting HVAC systems in confined spaces to boost Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by mitigating airborne and surface pathogens. By improving IAQ, SABER not only fosters a healthier environment within buildings but also enhances HVAC performance in heating, cooling, and humidification, attributed to reduced biofilm presence. Its effectiveness in eradicating pathogens that contribute to biofilm formation on HVAC coils directly translates to heightened operational efficiency and energy savings.


GRID System: Comprehensive Disinfection for Large Areas

The GRID is engineered for extensive surface and air disinfection, ideal for significant components like large HVAC coils in air handler rooms. It includes a control box, a remote emergency stop, optional limit switches, a remote power switch, and the possibility for BMS integration, supporting up to 8 high-output low-pressure mercury lamps. Tailored to your specific needs, the GRID offers customizable coverage areas—simply specify your desired dimensions when requesting a quote to ensure precise and effective disinfection tailored to your large-scale environment.

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