Cognituv’s automated hygiene solutions deliver efficient, sustainable hygiene management for lab settings, targeting key areas like clean rooms, HVAC systems, biolabs, chemical stations, etc. By employing intelligent, automated technologies, these solutions enhance air quality, reduce pathogen spread, and ensure rigorous cleanliness, crucial for maintaining strict compliance

Infection Control


Ensure Strict Compliance

Reduce Energy

Promote Sustainability

Reduce Smells and Odors

Overwatch 2x2

OVERWATCH 2×2 Air Purifier: Discreet and Powerful

Experience superior air quality with the OVERWATCH 2×2, designed for effective and quiet operation. Perfect for spaces up to 1100 square feet, it combines style and function seamlessly.

  • Quiet Efficiency: Operates at a subtle 47dB.
  • Flexible Filtration: Options include HEPA H13 or MERV 8 filters, plus a washable pre-filter.
  • Robust Airflow: Delivers 220 CFM for thorough air circulation.
  • UV-C Technology: Features dual 60W UV-C lamps and PCOR technology to eliminate germs, reduce VOCs, and deodorize.
  • Sleek Design: Integrates easily into any setting without intrusion.

Elevate your environment with the compact yet robust OVERWATCH 2×2.


MASS Upper Air Disinfection Unit: Advanced Barrier Protection

The MASS unit leverages high-output, low-pressure mercury UV-C technology to establish an effective pathogen protection barrier. Ideally mounted above doorways or in upper air layers, it’s crucial for maintaining contamination control in sensitive environments.

  • Targeted Application: Ideal for health and pharmaceutical settings, creating essential microbiological control zones.
  • Effective Disinfection: Intensive air purification to combat mold spores, bacteria, and other pathogens, surpassing traditional cleaning methods.
  • Adaptable Power: Available with either a 40 W lamp for smaller areas or a 90 W lamp for broader coverage.

Redefine hygiene standards with the precise and potent MASS disinfection unit.


CGUV-FAN Air Purifier: Silent, Sustainable UV-C Innovation

Discover the CGUV-FAN, an air purification revolution designed for seamless integration into any setting. This system utilizes cutting-edge UV-C and PCOR technologies to deliver unmatched air disinfection, odor elimination, and VOC reduction, ensuring a healthier environment without disruptive noise or maintenance.

  • Advanced Disinfection: Employs UV-C light and PCOR technology for effective air sanitization and odor control.
  • Sustainable Design: Features self-regenerating photocatalytic filters, eliminating the need for replacements and reducing waste.
  • Consistent Performance: Offers uninterrupted pathogen and VOC control, maintaining stable air quality.
  • User-Friendly: Quiet operation and easy installation make it an ideal choice for continuous indoor air purification.

Elevate your air quality standards with the innovative and effortless CGUV-FAN.


FreshFilter-TILE Air Purifier: Compact and Efficient Air Quality Solution

Introducing the FreshFilter-TILE, a cutting-edge air purifier that fits directly into ceiling grid tiles, offering a discreet yet powerful way to enhance indoor air quality.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Purification: Combines UV-C light and photocatalytic technology to effectively disinfect air and neutralize odors.
  • Eco-Friendly: Features self-cleaning photocatalytic filters, minimizing maintenance and waste.
  • Consistent Air Quality: Ensures continuous removal of pathogens and odors, maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for simple installation, it replaces a standard ceiling diffuser and operates quietly.

Optimize your space with the FreshFilter-TILE, where innovative design meets unparalleled air purification efficiency.

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