Food & Beverage

Cognituv’s automated hygiene solutions are pivotal for the food and beverage industry, focusing on ensuring stringent regulatory compliance. By effectively managing air quality and maintaining superior surface cleanliness, these systems not only optimize HVAC efficiency, but also significantly reduce chemical use. Central to maintaining industry standards, they facilitate rigorous adherence to health and safety regulations, thereby supporting operational integrity and ensuring a sustainable, compliant production environment.

Reduce Energy

Reduce Chemical Usage

Maximize Worker Safety

Maximize Food Safety

Promote Sustainability

Adhere to Strict Regulations


MURAL: Advanced Decontamination for Cold Curing/Drying Rooms

The MURAL is an innovative solution tailored for cold curing and drying environments, optimizing the preservation and quality of a wide array of products like hams, cured meats, duck breast, and fish. It seamlessly integrates into any drying room setup, enhancing product maturation and appearance.

  • Targeted Decontamination: Utilizes forced air circulation to effectively remove airborne bacteria and mold, ensuring products remain uncontaminated and high-quality.
  • Uncompromised Aging: The device maintains the natural aging process while preventing the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms, preserving the product’s intended flavor and texture.
  • Efficient Disinfection: Quickly achieves a 99% disinfection rate against a variety of bacteria, enhancing safety and quality without significant time investment.

Enhance your cold room’s efficiency and product quality with the MURAL’s specialized decontamination capabilities.


Barricade: Streamlined UV-C Disinfection for Food Industry

The Compact Barricade delivers targeted UV-C disinfection for food processing surfaces, available in stainless steel or anodized aluminum with lengths from 50 to 160 cm. It features an IP55-rated durable design, adaptable with parabolic or standard reflectors to enhance surface germicidal action.

  • Durable and Efficient: Built to withstand varied conditions, ensuring lasting performance with optimized lamp efficiency.
  • Focused Disinfection: Engineered to sanitize intricate areas, perfect for food facility surfaces and equipment.
  • Installation Ease: Allows easy daisy-chaining of multiple units, ensuring comprehensive space coverage with minimal complexity.

The Compact Barricade offers a reliable, efficient solution for maintaining stringent hygiene standards in the food industry.

Ready to Save Energy while complying to Strict Regulation?