Prescribed Solutions & Measured Outcomes

Identify. Apply. Verify.

Cognituv uses the latest peer-reviewed research and simulation technologies to create custom and prescribed solutions for all types of disinfection challenges.

Evidence-based Approach

Research on UV-C Efficacy

Our solutions have been proven, multiple times, by various institutions, to be extremely effective at disinfecting ALL types microorganisms.

ASHRAE Certified & Recommended

ASHRAE research underscores the effectiveness of UV-C technology in HVAC systems, highlighting its capacity to inactivate harmful pathogens and improve indoor air quality. This technology not only supports a healthier indoor environment but also aligns with best practices in facility maintenance and operation. Adopting UV-C solutions can be a proactive step in safeguarding your facility’s health standards and operational efficiency.

Validation Transparency

Unlike harsh and expensive chemicals, you can actually verify the efficacy of our solutions, in real-time, thanks to the Cognituv Connect system. 

All of our sensor data is available to you at no additional fee, and you have complete ownership of your data.

Optimize Your Entire Facility
Our energy efficiency experts will assess your property and recommend tailored solutions to maximize energy savings.
Solutions Verified by Simulation

Not only do all of our solutions refer to multiple peer-reviewed studies, we also use vigorous CFD analysis and ray tracing to validate all of our solutions before and during design.