Exterior Wall Mounts

Cognituv’s automated hygiene solutions for exterior wall mounts delivers advanced air quality management and efficient facility maintenance, enhancing public health and safety. These systems optimize HVAC efficiency, and reduce reliance on chemicals. By integrating solutions for exterior air handler units, facilities can achieve significant energy and resource savings, promoting a healthier, more sustainable environment for their facility.

Building Management

Safety and Security

Promote Sustainability

Reduce Energy

Reduced Maintenance

Odor Reduction


FreshFilter-ME: Advanced Disinfection for Mobile Exterior HVAC Units

The FreshFilter-ME is an innovative solution tailored for mobile exterior HVAC units, such as those used in trailers and smaller detached buildings. This system features four 60 W high-output germicidal UV-C lamps, enhanced with PCOR technology, enabling it not only to disinfect airborne pathogens but also to mitigate odors and reduce VOCs. Designed for effectiveness and convenience in compact, mobile settings, the FreshFilter-ME provides comprehensive air treatment, improving health and comfort in these unique environments. It’s an ideal upgrade for ensuring cleanliness and air quality, addressing both biological contaminants and chemical pollutants with efficiency.

Cognituv Connect: Cloud-Integrated Monitoring for Real-Time Insights

The Cognituv Connect system is an advanced, cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with Cognituv products, enabling continuous monitoring and data collection from various sensors. This innovative system tracks critical parameters such as UV-C irradiance and indoor air quality (IAQ) metrics, ensuring your disinfection solutions are operating optimally.

Key Features of Cognituv Connect:

  • Continuous Data Monitoring: Real-time tracking of UV-C irradiance levels and IAQ metrics allows for immediate response to any changes, ensuring consistent air and surface quality.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Secure cloud integration enables easy access to data from anywhere, facilitating remote monitoring and management of your disinfection systems.
  • Real-Time Measurement & Verification (M&V): Cognituv Connect provides instant verification of system performance, offering transparency and assurance that disinfection processes are effective and standards are met.
  • Proactive Maintenance: By analyzing data trends and performance metrics, the system can predict and notify maintenance needs, preventing downtime and extending equipment life.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set specific thresholds for performance indicators to receive instant alerts, enabling rapid response to any issues and maintaining optimal operation.

Implementing Cognituv Connect enhances your oversight and control over disinfection processes, delivering peace of mind through consistent performance and real-time data-driven decisions, ensuring a safer environment and operational efficiency.

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