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What We Do

Cognituv provides solutions for real-time efficiencies and validated risk reduction.


Our Approach

Cognituv partners with facility managers and integrators to enable personalized solutions for continuous measurement and verification of operational performance. 


Our Mission

Our focus is to ensure lasting healthy sustainable infrastructure and the people and products that make it thrive. 

Committed to professional excellence, Cognituv delivers sustainable risk mitigation solutions for commercial and industrial facilities.

 Sustainability & Incentives

Cognituv’s UV-C disinfection systems are designed with precision sensors that accurately monitor the product solutions and its direct and indirect environments. This critical data is communicated via Cognituv Connect, enabling clients to demonstrate KPI’s.

For example, clients can measure and verify (M&V) their energy efficiency improvements, a key requirement for incentives. Enabling solutions in a turn key manner not only ensures optimal disinfection performance but also supports our clients in achieving their environmental and financial objectives. We have many other kit ready solutions such as water efficiency, air quality, food safety, regulatory compliance, predictive analysis, biofilm sensing, and many more. 


Annual Avg. Energy Savings

Prescribed Solutions,

Measured Outcomes

Cognituv bases all solutions on peer-reviewed literature, backed by simulations and continuous monitoring for optimal effectiveness. Dr. Carl Peterson, our Chief Science Officer (CSO) and a key member of our leadership team, plays a pivotal role in this process. He prescribes the UV-C dosage for each solution, ensuring that our systems not only comply with, but often surpass, regulatory standards for disinfection. This method underscores our commitment to delivering scientifically validated and effective disinfection solutions.

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Open Industry Platform For Interoperability

Cognituv Connect stands as an Open Industry Platform for Interoperability, offering unparalleled flexibility and control to our customers. This system empowers users with full ownership of their data, ensuring transparency and autonomy. Designed for seamless integration, Cognituv Connect can easily interface with various systems, including BACnet, allowing for smooth integration into existing infrastructure. This approach provides our clients with a versatile, user-friendly platform, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their UV-C disinfection solutions.

Plug n' Play Sensors

Success Stories

Everything seems to be going really well with the system. It was fairly easy to install and seems to be operating well. We have not gotten any complaints since installing the UV system.

Northrop Grumman

Principal Engineer, Facilities

“The Coil is clean and free from Biological growth, it is working as designed.”

Major USA Airport

Mechanical Supervisor

“We have tried everything for the last 10 years to get rid of the dog and cat smell. Your product works great, and we want to buy more.”

Facility Manager

Humane Society Shelter

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