We produce evidence-based Intelligent UV-C solutions for
Sustainable Hygiene Automation

The Problem

Pathogens, parasites, and irritants toxify and disrupt facilities, products, and people.

BUT the real problem is identifying the problem


Product Recalls
Reduction in Air Quality
Increase Energy Loss
Food Spoilage


Shelf Life Decrease
Foodborne Illness
Antibiotic Resistance


Reduced Shelf Life
Regulatory Fines
Downtime for Disinfection
Reduced Consumer Trust

Air Quality Degradation
Respiratory Illness
Flavor and Odor Taint
Cross-Contamination Aromatics

The Solution

Cognituv illuminates and resolves risk with data-driven disinfection to

enhance facility operations, which leads to sustainable facilities.

Data-Driven Device Ecosystem

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce chemical reliance and promote a greener and more sustainable environment.

Enhanced ROI

Save on recurring costs with our energy-efficient technology and preventative maintenance algorithms; a smart investment for long-term savings.

IoT Enabled

Real-time monitoring and control through advanced sensors provide insights and ease of management.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored to your specific needs, our custom UV-C solutions ensure optimal efficiency across various industries.

Health & Safety

Protect against viruses, bacteria, and mold with our effective UV-C disinfection, enhancing health and safety.

Plug n' Play Integration

Designed for seamless integration, our solutions fit effortlessly into your existing infrastructure.