Prescribed Solutions & Measured Outcomes

Real-time Validation. Plug n’ Play. ESG Reporting.

The Cognituv Connect system empowers your facility with real-time validation of energy savings solutions, seamlessly integrating report generation for ESG initiatives to ensure transparent, efficient, and accountable environmental stewardship.

Over 300+ Sensors Ready to Integrate

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Experience unmatched ease of integration with Cognituv Connect’s extensive range of over 300 pre-commissioned LoRaWAN sensors, designed for effortless, plug-and-play deployment in any facility.

Real-Time Validation and Montioring

Harness the power of real-time monitoring with Cognituv Connect, providing immediate validation of your energy savings, IAQ, and more, to ensure optimal performance and consistent disinfection quality.

Stay informed and in control with continuous, precise monitoring, enabling proactive management of your facility.

Comprehensive Reporting for ESG Initiatives

Elevate your ESG reporting with Cognituv Connect’s detailed analytics, offering transparent, actionable insights to support your commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Benefit from our advanced reporting tools that streamline your ESG initiatives, providing robust documentation and analysis to meet compliance standards and enhance your sustainability profile.

Alerting and Notifications

Stay ahead of the curve with instant alerts and notifications from Cognituv Connect, ensuring you are always informed of critical updates or anomalies in your disinfection system.

Enhance your facility’s operational responsiveness with our dynamic alerting system, delivering timely notifications that empower you to act swiftly and maintain uninterrupted safety and efficiency.

Customizable Dashboards

Personalize your monitoring experience with Cognituv Connect’s customizable dashboards, allowing you to focus on what matters most and optimize your management of your facilities.

Tailor your dashboard to meet the unique demands of your facility, enabling a more intuitive, user-friendly interface that enhances decision-making and operational oversight.