The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) Draft Guidelines for UVGI Air Treatment Systems are international voluntary guidelines developed under the auspices of the IUVA. This consensus represents a substantial agreement reached by parties in Academia and Industry with direct or indirect interests in air treatment with UVGI and related technologies. This consensus signifies the concurrence of the majority of the individuals, organizations, and businesses involved in the drafting of this guideline but does not necessarily represent a unanimous opinion and the contents are subject to continual review, expansion, and revision. Consensus is obtained by a review of IUVA members and input from various agencies, professional societies, and the public.
Compliance with this guideline is voluntary.
This guideline does not supersede nor invalidate any local or governmental standards or the requirements of responsible authorities and the applicable documents should be consulted and adhered to where applicable. Relevant federal and professional guidelines and standards have been identified in the Bibliography and these should be consulted for further information.
The IUVA Chair should be contacted for participation in the development and review process of subsequent revisions, or in regards to interpretation, constructive criticism, and permission to reprint portions of the guideline.
This document is being released to the public in the current draft form for review and comment for a period of approximately one year.
IUVA does not advocate the use of any particular manufacturer’s equipment or services and the use of specific equipment in the tables and figures should not be construed as such. It is impermissible for vendors to use any part of this document to imply product preferences.

DISCLAIMER: The International Ultraviolet Association has developed and promulgated this guideline for the benefit of the public and private sectors based on the best available information and technology and accepted industry practices. IUVA cannot guarantee that installation, operation, maintenance, or testing of the systems specified herein will be nonhazardous or without risk.

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