How We Build Your UV-C Solution

Only days away from custom disinfection.

Free Discovery Call

Meet with our team to discuss your needs and desired outcomes for a UV-C disinfection solution.

Data Gathering

After our initial discussion, you give us as much information regarding your facility, environmental challenges, safety requirements, desired pathogens to disinfect, budgetary constraints, etc.

Project Definition

Once we have information about your facility and technical requirements, we work together to develop a list of deliverables of the project and try to answer any unknown constraints our team may have.

Literature Review

Before we can prescribe a clinically approved UV-C solution, our team consults the latest peer-review literature to ensure we offer you the most effective solution for your industry and application.

Custom Prescription

Once our team of engineers and scientist have reviewed the peer-review literature, we offer preliminary options for the optimal disinfection solution.

Design Solution

Once we confirm the evidenced based dosage of UV-C needed for your application, we design a solution that will deliver the appropriate disinfection while meeting all of your technical requirements.

Client Approval

After our team has designed your custom solution, we present the design and quote for your approval.

Build Solution

Once we have settled on a design, we use our in-house machining, tooling, and electrical capabilities to build your solution.

For very large and complex solutions, we have an established partner network who can assist us in building your UV-C solution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In-house Validation Testing

After your solution has been built, we perform a rigorous testing procedure, with the help of NIST Traceable Calibrated sensors and industry-leading UV-C software, to validate the efficacy of your UV-C solution.

Installation & User Manual

After validation of your solution, we create an installation manual, user guide, and preventive maintenance routine for your unique setup.

Ship Solution

We use industry-standard techniques to safely package your solution and deliver it to your facility in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Install UV-C Solution

Because we have worked in a collaborative effort. Your custom UV-C solution is designed to be optimized for install to your unique environment; our clients are usually able to install their solutions in one day.

Real-Time Support

All of our custom solutions include free lifetime technical support calls to help troubleshoot any problems or questions you may have with your custom UV-C solution.

Toll Free Number: 1 – 888 – 580 – 8738 

Support Email:

Preventive Maintenance Supply

When you purchase a UV-C solution from us, we include a subscription-based PM Schedule supply to ensure smooth and continuous operation of your custom solution.

Supplies may include, but are not limited to, custom-made UV-C lamps, specialized filters, replacement parts, etc.

In-house technology we use to build custom UV-C Solutions

CFD Software

Computational Fluid Dynamics software to evaluate time of flights.

Laser cutting

CO2 Laser Cutter

Used to quickly cut rubbers, plastics, and other specialty materials.

CNC Laser plasma cutting of metal, modern industrial technology.

Plasma Cutter

Used to quickly cut metal of various thicknesses. Mostly used for prototyping and quick turnaround projects.

Machine tools for bending factory at metal putting work piece in with sheet metal and special

Sheet Metal Brake

Used to bend sheet metal. Used heavily in prototyping and projects.

Male worker uses electric riveting gun. Hand holding riveting m


From blind rivets to rivet nuts, we use rivets as our main method of assembling sheet metal products. 

Powder coating process of metal products

Powder Coating

Used to apply finishes to sheet metal for final production look/feel. We primarily use white matte, but we can do a variety of colors!