Technical Details

Overwatch 2×2

Recessed Ceiling Mount High-Performance UV-C Air Purifier for optimizing IAQ

The UV-FAN 2×2 high-performance Air Purifier product line is the newest in a long history of UV-C ultraviolet germicidal devices for air purification. The UV-FAN 2×2 is used for creating healthy Indoor Air Quality. The use of the UV-FAN 2×2 for air disinfection is essential in all health and commercial environments, where it is necessary to operate in optimal microbiological reduced conditions. In the health sector, it is recommended to create a decontamination area between two different areas, especially if one of them is to be kept under strict microbiological control.

Traditional cleaning methods and filtering options are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of reduced pathogen load.

  • High-Output lamps rated for 18,000 hours of life at Light Progress selective emission peak of 253.7nm
  • Disinfection of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens
  • VOC reduction with self-regenerating TioX membrane
  • Proprietary expandable germicidal chamber of highly reflective to UV-C  scattering material to enhance fluence values.
  • Multiple  air purifiers with optional surface disinfection models to adapt to numerous environments
  • Passive sound technology allows maximum airflow and achieves under 39 dB
  • Low maintenance, low cost of ownership, no filter replacements
  • IoT enabled connections, allowing for scheduled operations, monitoring, and reporting