Improving IAQ for Modular and Portable Structures

The CGUV-FreshFilter-ME is a novel HVAC solution designed specifically for exterior wall-mount systems in modular and portable structures.

This advanced filtration system, equipped with PCOR™ technology, easily integrates into your existing HVAC setup, enhancing air quality by reducing VOCs, odors, and disinfecting pathogens.

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The CGUV-FreshFilter-ME is an on-coil and air disinfection device designed to fit inside an exterior-mounted / wall-mounted / packaged HVAC unit.

It contains 4 – 60 W high-output germicidal UV-C lamps, novel PCOR™ technology to reduce VOC’s and odors, and contains a highly reflective parabolic to properly radiate the coil and volume inside the HVAC unit.

High Output Germicidal UV-C
PCOR™ Technology to Remove Odors and VOCs
Highly Reflective Parabolic for Max Disinfection
Works With Any Exterior Wall-mounted HVAC Unit